Sketches drawn by a special child...  Remo is an autist's world. It is full of imagination and the detailed truths. Neighbour's girl, a dreamed monster coming from a different planet, a sudden look of a panda from a movie come in to our lives. An autistic child's daily life is being characterised by Remo. The point, which makes Remo so special is that the designer of Remo is not anyone than the autist child self.

The hero of Remo is Remzi... He is 16 years old autist. The family understood that something was going wrong, when they realized Remzi, not reacting to the voices coming nearby. After then family Yılmaz's life has changed. Autism knocks at the door with it's hardness, sadness, sweetness, and defenseless... Changing several kindergartens because of the prejudices, bad attitude and exclusionist behaviors of the teachers and parents at the primary school, strange looks all over towards Remzi, were some of the harsh difficulties of autism.


However, still being mysterious, autism puts a unique effect on Remzi... It makes him a very special child. A child, who sees life from the rose-tinded glasses, a child with an enormus sympathy, and a huge talent of art.


At a party he attends with his mother, he gets a pen and a paper to entertain himself. Then he begins to draw the things around. Mother fells in love with his drawings and decides to put him on a ceramic cource. This slightly opens the door of the art world for Remzi. Ceramic makes the things easier for Remzi. He begins to express his thoughts, and daily experiences by art. Before every course, Remzi draws sketches of the things that he likes to make with ceramic clay. Those sketches give life to Remo.