The design of Remo gets its inspiration from daily life. Each motive is another part of the designer's life. The life is taken from an autistic perspective by Remzi. This perspective meets the rules of minimalism by Remo. Remo combines pure and plain lines with the mysterious world of autism. For Remo, the designed one is always the simple one. Remzi draws the things he sees in a very simple way. He does use neither any color nor pause between the strokes. Remo is a reflection of Remzi and is going to continue to obey to his way of performing.



The history never forgets Van Der Rohe with his quote "Less is more". We as Remo believe in this. Yes! The contrast of less on a huge is amazing. A little design by remo on a wine glass may raise a smile! Two little owl eyes on a coffee cup may calm you down after a tiresome day. Remo shows its simplicity on the materials and colors. Remo is made of black and white. For the autists the life may have only two ways; yes or no, bad or good, black or white, easy or hard... The questions don't have thousands of answers. Therefore our brand is an autist as our designer.


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