Remzi has a special qualification. He performs his art by the effects of his autistic intelligence  and his way of receiving external influence. Regarding both his drawings and ceramic works, instead of technical questioning, he mainly focuses on form, ratio, and even color applications. His focus on the triangle of senses, emotions, and perceptions made it obligatory for Remzi to experience different technics and methods without any intelligent knowledge of both.

Within a short time as 3 years Remzi gained a valuable success in three dimensional perspective, he improved his drawing and ceramic skills. This made a good and strong feedback on his drawings. By switching between the two and three dimensional perspective, he simply applies different dimensional aspects on unique characters and gives plurality to the drawings.  Technically his works are resembling print art, as such he expresses the drawings in a unique and special effect. While, the abstract perspective of simulacrums are on the paper, these become solid on clay. Technically valuable and colossal, he draws without and stop between lines. Like a signature…